The 6 Different Ways to Enjoy Tremblant’s Nightlife While on Vacation

Mont Tremblant is a beautiful ski resort and has become vastly popular over the years too.  The slopes are utterly gorgeous to use during the daytime but what happens at night when skiing isn’t an option?  Well, Mont Tremblant isn’t just for those who love to ski because there are dozens of amazing activity even at night.  What are the 6 different ways to enjoy Tremblant’s nightlife while on vacation?

Head to a Local Bistro

There is no better way to spend a night than sitting in a beautiful wine bar and bistro.  Skiers can enjoy the nightlife by having dinner and a drink watching; there are plenty of special bistros and they all come with a special atmosphere.  Anyone can fall in love with the bistro atmosphere and it’s a unique way to spend the night.  Of course, bistros aren’t for everyone but it’s a great romantic way to spend the evening with your loved one.  Mont Tremblant nightlife varies and bistros are just one of the many amazing joints to discover.

Take Cocktails at a Club

If you were with a group of people at Mont Tremblant and want to really enjoy the nightlife, heading to a lovely night club and taking cocktails is the perfect way to spend the night.  Now, many clubs aren’t open until all hours but you can certainly enjoy the evening.  There are many exotic cocktails to choose from and its one amazing way to really enjoy yourself.  Cocktails mightn’t be for everyone but letting off some steam at the end of the day couldn’t be done better with the cocktail lounges.

Pub Grub and Drinks

Traditional pubs are very popular in Mont Tremblant and it isn’t difficult to see why.  Many pubs run with a simple style, they have great tasting and original beers as well as European food on the menu.    One of the best places to choose would be La Diable Microbrewery, it is very much like an English pub but of course, this is just one little pub to consider there are in fact many others.  Many are situated in prime locations and if you want a view of Tremblant Sunstar, you can get some iconic views sitting in the old quaint pubs.

Sitting In Front Of the Fire

For those who don’t want to experience too much of the nightlife in Tremblant, there is always the lovely warm and cosy surroundings of a chalet.  Sitting in front of a roasting fire with your special someone or even alone can be a great way to spend the night.  This might not be the best for those who love to party but it is actually a lovely way to spend the night after a long day of skiing on Mont Tremblant.

Why Not Consider the Après-Ski Party

These parties are in fact some of the very best and there are lots of amazing bars to find them at.  Many visitors at Tremblant love these parties and some people just actually go for the nightlife!  You can head onto the dance floor and showcase some of your moves or even enjoy the music while having a drink.  This will offer a unique experience of Tremblant Sunstar.

Have a Romantic Meal and Walk

There is nothing better than spending the night with your loved ones.  You can firstly head over to a lovely local restaurant and enjoy the local cuisine then afterwards; you can enjoy what remains of the evening by taking a stroll.  There is plenty of gorgeous scenery to enjoy and for those who want to be alone; there is nothing better than walking through the village of Tremblant.  Those looking to spend a romantic night together will enjoy Mont Tremblant.

Mont Tremblant Nightlife Varies

The best thing about the ski resort is that it isn’t just for skiers during the daytime but also those who love to party and love to have a great time.  There are really lots of amazing things to see and do in Mont Tremblant and whether you are someone who loves to dance, party, enjoy fine wines or just enjoy the scenery, there is something for everyone.  Enjoy Mont Tremblant skiing during the day and at night, enjoy whatever takes your fancy.

Top Athletes That Have Trained at Whistler

If you enjoy winter sports, you will love British Columbia, snowy mountains and whistler accommodations. With such a perfect mountain for all winter sports, it’s no wonder that many top athletes have trained here before trying out in the Olympics, and other professional athletic events. While you’re staying here, it’s a must that you check out the stunning Whistler Blackcomb hotels or opt for a Whistler condo rental. If you have stayed at The White Buffalo Club, you will love Whistler!

Here are some of the top athletes who have trained on the snowy Whistler Mountains:

Robbie Dixon

Robbie Dixon is a Canadian alpine skier who was born in North Vancouver, British Columbia on January 4th, 1985. Dixon has trained in Whistler and began skiing in 2001. Dixon attended the World Cup 2006 for skiing in Lake Louise, Alberta and finished with best Super G in 46th place. Dixon finished in 4th place for the 2006 World Cup Super G in Kvitfjell, Norway. The next year he achieved 5th place and awarded the title of best finish. Dixon competed in the 2010 Olympics but was unable to finish in the “downhill”.

Jesse Lumsden

Jesse Lumsden is a Canadian Olympic bobsledder, born on August 3, 1982 in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Lumsden also played for the Hamilton Tiger-cats, the Calgary Stampeders, and the Edmonton Eskimos as a football player, though now retired. Jesse had enjoyed her stays at Whistler Blackcomb hotels and trained at Whistler before entering into the 2010 Olympic more here!

Jon Montgomery

John Montgomery is a Canadian TV host and skeleton racer, born on May 6th, 1979 in Russell, Manitoba. Montgomery was a participant in the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver, as part of the men’s skeleton event. He also trained in Whistler prior to entering the Olympic Games.

Marielle Thompson

Marielle Thompson is a Canadian freestyle skier, born on June 15th, 1992 in North Vancouver, British Columbia. Thompson won a gold medal at the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi for ski cross. She trained in Whistler, British Columbia before trying for the games, and also currently resides there. Thompson won the Crystal Globe, and took home the title of “Overall World Cup Champion” in ski cross for the 2011- 2012 season. She did not stop there; she won the Crystal Globe in the 2013-2014 season as well. Marielle owes too much to whistler accommodations and whistler’s training centers

Georgia Simmerling

Georgia Simmerling is a Canadian alpine skier, born in Vancouver, British Columbia on March 11, 1989. Simmerling began skiing at Grouse Mountain in Vancouver and eventually went on to train at Whistler. Simmerling was a participant in the 2010 Olympic Winter Games in Whistler, representing Canada. She is currently a member of the Alpine Ski Team and decided to compete in ski cross in the 2014 Winter Olympics. Simmerling trains at Whistler’s Olympic Athlete’s Training Centre as well as in North Vancouver.see it from

Helen Upperton

Helen Upperton

Helen Upperton is a Canadian bobsledder, born in Ahmadi, Kuwait on October 31, 1979. Upperton was a competitor in the 2010 Winter Olympics and was awarded a silver medal. She also won a silver medal during the 2010 Winter Olympics in Whistler during a Two-woman competition. Upperton has since retired and is currently working at Winsport Canada as a head coach of the Bobsleigh program and manager of community relations.

With so many world class athletes who have trained in Whistler, you will be hard pressed to find a better place to enjoy a winter getaway for skiing or snowboarding. Your time here will be unforgettable, especially if you are staying at one of the world renowned Whistler accommodations!

Best Chalets near Whistler

The town of Whistler Blackcomb is one of the most picturesque winter destination retreats in Canada. Located in beautiful British Columbia, Whistler is the ideal destination for anyone who enjoys winter sports like skiing and snowboarding. Besides its famous mountain which attracts tourists and locals year after year, Whistler has some show stopping accommodations to make your vacation extra special. Catch all the excitement on the slopes, and retreat to a cozy abode in the evenings. Even those who prefer to watch the snow fall from the comfort of a cozy chalet, Whistler has something for everyone!

Whistler Accomodations

Whether you are interested in Whistler condo rentals, or other fabulous Whistler accommodations such as its magnificent chalets and hotels, you will be pleasantly surprised to spend a week in snow covered bliss. Bask in luxury at the extravagant 4000 ft. Big Sky Chalet, spacious Fairview Chalet, family friendly Glacier View Chalet, or the convenient Grand Juniper Chalet 8121. Each within less than 10 minutes distance from the mountain for a day of skiing or snowboarding. The Horstman Estates, Kadenwood, Longstone Chalet, Majestic Log Home, Taluswood Chalet, and the Whistler Log Cabin located right on Blueberry Hill are some of the prime locations for couples, groups, and families. With prices ranging from $600 – $2500, these affordable and sumptuous luxury accommodations will ensure that you have a truly memorable stay in Whistler. See more accommodation information for these Whistler condo rental.

Whistler Blackcomb hotels

The Whistler Blackcomb hotels range from truly lavish 5 star accommodations to the most affordable hotels. Some of the top hotels and suites in Whistler include the full service Delta Whistler Village Suites, Fairmont Chateau Whistler, the 5 star Four Seasons and Residences Whistler, Hilton Whistler Resort & Spa located at the base of the Blackcomb gondolas, the Nita Lake Lodge, and The Westin Resort and Spa. Located close to the slopes, you can have the perfect mix between excitement and relaxation. Elegantly placed at the base of the mountain and bathed in timeless beauty, your stay in Whistler, BC will be truly breathtaking.

Whistler Condo Rentals

Why not try out Whistler condo rentals as an alternative to the Blackcomb Hotels and Luxury Chalets in the area? Designer condo’s such as the modern Evolution, First Tracks Lodge, Club Intrawest, Legends, The Woodrun, and Northern Lights are just some of the spacious and stylish condo rental spots in the mountains. These condos provide phenomenal views of the valley and are perfect for large or small groups and extended stays. Also located close to the hills, you will be close enough to all the action and have the perfect retreat for a relaxing night in by the fireplace.

Whistler Luxury Chalet


Comparable to The White Buffalo Club in Wyoming, Whistler is Canada’s top chalet and vacation destination. With so many options to choose from, between private condos with 360 degree views to 5 star hotels and chalets, Whistler is definitely a win-win destination. Planning a winter getaway should be the perfect mix of leisure and comfort. Your fabulous Whistler accommodations await you, book now!

5 Cheap Ski Deals in Canada

Looking for a great deal on ski trips in Canada? For some of the best deals on ski package vacations, look no further! You don’t have to pay a fortune to have a fantastic time on the slopes, skiing or snowboarding. Luxury accommodations like a Whistler condo rental, or The White Buffalo Club are not far off from the following fabulous deals for your winter vacation:

The Upper Village Condos

The Upper Village condos located in beautiful British Columbia offer a five-night, 4 day lift ticket vacation, plus return transfers. The package includes five nights of accommodation and double occupancy in a studio condo, and a four day adult lift pass. Return airport transfers from Calgary Airport are included. Taxes and fees may be extra. This deal costs $779 CAD per person, based on double occupancy.

Banff Caribou Lodge

When staying in Banff, one of the greatest deals for Canada ski trips, is the Banff Caribou Lodge. Stay for 5 nights for just $698 US! Located just one and a half hours from Calgary International Airport, and includes access to all three Banff ski areas, including Banff mount Norquay, Sunshine Village and Lake Louise. Comparable to the White Buffalo Club in the U.S., and just as great as a Whistler Condo Rental. You will not be disappointed!

Nancy Greene’s Cahility Lodge

Another fabulous ski deal in British Columbia is Nancy Greene’s Cahility lodge. This package deal includes five nights’ accommodation, a four day lift ticket and an airport transfer for only $719 CAD per person. You will enjoy a five nights’ accommodation, based on double occupancy in a lodge room, a four day adult lift pass and return airport transfers from Kamloops airport. Taxes and fees may be extra. This deal should not be missed because you get your 4th night free!

Red Mountain Resort

Stay near the fabulous Red Mountain ski trail in British Columbia at the Red Mountain Resort. This deal includes 7 nights, and you get your 7th night free! This package includes a six day lift ticket, double occupancy in a one bedroom deluxe unit, a 6 day adult lift pass, and a 7 day full size car rental with unlimited mileage. All taxes and fees may be extra. Travel is between March 14th and April 1st for only $1,289.00 CAD per person!check it here!

Ski Deals in Canada

Les Suites Tremblant

When visiting Quebec to ski or snowboard at the fabulous Mont Tremblant Resort, why not stay at Les Suites Tremblant? This is one of the best deals in town! Stay for three nights, based on double occupancy in a clean and spacious hotel room. This package includes a three day adult lift ticket, and three nights’ accommodations for only $339 CAD per person. Taxes and fees may be extra charge. With this deal you will be close to all the action on the slopes, and will have a fantastic ski and snowboard vacation. For other accommodations in the beautiful Mont Tremblant visit Tremblant Sunstar or see

The 10 Best Ski Tricks

Ski tricks are not for the faint at heart and most definitely not for the novice skier. However, if your goal is to make it to professional level status, there are a few tricks that would be fun to learn. It’s important to remember that safety is key while hitting the slopes and never to progress to a higher level before getting adequate practice. Ensure to get proper ski lessons and get the advice of an instructor before attempting any of these tricks. If you are unsure about progressing too fast, it’s best to leave it to the pros.

Mont Tremblant is one of the top tourist spots for skiing and perfect for tricking. Tremblant Sunstar is a great place to start by finding a quality accommodation for your dream winter destination. While you are there, maybe you will watch someone performing some of the following best ski tricks:

The 360

The 360 is considered the foundation for all spinning tricks in skiing. This trick consists of a complete spin in midair. To achieve this, one must approach the jump ramp at the correct speed and once the tip of the jump is reached, the skier would move in the direction they are wanting to spin. While spinning the skier would make sure to see their landing point and then get in the proper position to hit the impact of landing.

Tail Grab Grab

A Tail Grab Grab is achieved when the skier grabs a part of their skis by reaching down just after the jump off the ramp. This trick is judged by how long the skis are held in midair, and this can be dangerous if the skier does not know when to let go for a safe landing. Often skiers will add more pizazz to the trick by pulling their skis back behind them slightly in the air.

360 Tail Grab

This trick is a mix of the first two and takes a lot more focus and patience. The speed, timing, and rotation must all be precise for the trick to work well.

Iron Cross

The iron cross refers to a ski trick term that is characterized by the skier crossing their skis in midair. They must be quick to know when to uncross them to avoid a dangerous wipe out.


A railslide is when a skier uses a rail to perform a trick. They must have perfect speed and angle themselves effectively to skate off the top of the rail and land smoothly.


The 540 is just an additional half rotation to the 360. The hardest part is that the skier must land backwards, which proves to be no easy feat.

In the backscratcher, it is pretty much the same as the tail grab except you are not bending and grabbing the ski. Your goal is to get your skis up even higher once you jump and the timing and height must be perfect.

The Daffy

The Daffy is an extremely difficult and dangerous trick, which is performed by kicking one leg out in front of you and one out behind with as much extension in the leg as possible. This takes a lot of skill to accomplish successfully.

Best Ski Tricks

Back Flip

As dangerous moves go, the back flip is the first hurdle you will have to cross. Like the 540, don’t attempt this trick until you are ready. To do it, shift your weight back as you hit the lip going at your full speed. Landing this can be tough.view more from

Iron Cross Back Flip

Impress your friends, when you master the back flip, cross your skies at the apex of the flip to do an iron cross back flip. Good luck on the slopes!