The 10 Best Ski Tricks

Ski tricks are not for the faint at heart and most definitely not for the novice skier. However, if your goal is to make it to professional level status, there are a few tricks that would be fun to learn. It’s important to remember that safety is key while hitting the slopes and never to progress to a higher level before getting adequate practice. Ensure to get proper ski lessons and get the advice of an instructor before attempting any of these tricks. If you are unsure about progressing too fast, it’s best to leave it to the pros.

Mont Tremblant is one of the top tourist spots for skiing and perfect for tricking. Tremblant Sunstar is a great place to start by finding a quality accommodation for your dream winter destination. While you are there, maybe you will watch someone performing some of the following best ski tricks:

The 360

The 360 is considered the foundation for all spinning tricks in skiing. This trick consists of a complete spin in midair. To achieve this, one must approach the jump ramp at the correct speed and once the tip of the jump is reached, the skier would move in the direction they are wanting to spin. While spinning the skier would make sure to see their landing point and then get in the proper position to hit the impact of landing.

Tail Grab Grab

A Tail Grab Grab is achieved when the skier grabs a part of their skis by reaching down just after the jump off the ramp. This trick is judged by how long the skis are held in midair, and this can be dangerous if the skier does not know when to let go for a safe landing. Often skiers will add more pizazz to the trick by pulling their skis back behind them slightly in the air.

360 Tail Grab

This trick is a mix of the first two and takes a lot more focus and patience. The speed, timing, and rotation must all be precise for the trick to work well.

Iron Cross

The iron cross refers to a ski trick term that is characterized by the skier crossing their skis in midair. They must be quick to know when to uncross them to avoid a dangerous wipe out.


A railslide is when a skier uses a rail to perform a trick. They must have perfect speed and angle themselves effectively to skate off the top of the rail and land smoothly.


The 540 is just an additional half rotation to the 360. The hardest part is that the skier must land backwards, which proves to be no easy feat.

In the backscratcher, it is pretty much the same as the tail grab except you are not bending and grabbing the ski. Your goal is to get your skis up even higher once you jump and the timing and height must be perfect.

The Daffy

The Daffy is an extremely difficult and dangerous trick, which is performed by kicking one leg out in front of you and one out behind with as much extension in the leg as possible. This takes a lot of skill to accomplish successfully.

Best Ski Tricks

Back Flip

As dangerous moves go, the back flip is the first hurdle you will have to cross. Like the 540, don’t attempt this trick until you are ready. To do it, shift your weight back as you hit the lip going at your full speed. Landing this can be tough.view more from

Iron Cross Back Flip

Impress your friends, when you master the back flip, cross your skies at the apex of the flip to do an iron cross back flip. Good luck on the slopes!

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